The Trempealeau County Association of Cooperatives (or Co-op Association) is an organization created to promote, educate and support cooperative businesses in beautiful Trempealeau County, Wisconsin by holding and sponsoring events where youth can learn about cooperatives.


Our main goal is to promote cooperatives by educating area youth on the importance of cooperatives in our area and beyond. Cooperatives are unique from privately owned businesses in many ways. Cooperatives have played an important role in the history and development of Trempealeau County. With the changing pace of technology and life, what cooperatives mean to an area like Trempealeau County is more important than ever to communicate to the next generation of leaders.


The Coop Association wants you to know that we are available to give talks and presentations for your youth group, area organization or special event. We would also consider support or sponsorship of projects, events and endeavors which help promote cooperatives in Trempealeau County.


The TCAC is comprised of a seven-person team of employees of Trempealeau County Cooperative businesses. The Board fulfills all duties and functions of the organization. Board members are elected by member cooperative representatives at election year banquets.


Current Board Members

Jon Zander, Badgerland Financial, President

Eric Schaffner, Badgerland Financial, VP/Treasurer

Patti Zimmerman, TCC, Secretary

Kim Byom, Co-op Credit Union, Board Member

Sarah Henderson, Allied Cooperative, Board Member

Nancy Steig, RCU, Board Member

Beth Alesch, Riverland Energy, Board Member

The Coop Association offered two $500 scholarships to area

high school seniors this past year.


Check back this Fall for 2016-17 Scholarship information.
Email Us
if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you!



We sponsored two students to attend the Cooperative Network's

"Coops-YES!" student conference in Eau Claire this past March.



We also sponsor a Booth Design contest for local 4-H groups at

the Trempealeau County Fair. Groups can win up to $100!

Here are some of the 4-H Booths from the last few years: